Security cam films brave kid trying to get away from 3 guys following him in car

10-year-old Grayden had been walking home when strangers tried to lure him into their vehicle. He made a dash for his front porch - but the door was locked and the car started to back up.
It was a nightmare that unfolded right in front of a family’s house.
But thanks to one boy’s quick thinking and awareness, a possible tragedy was foiled from the start.

One evening, however, his trek turned dangerous.

Three guys, all of which were strangers, sat inside a white sedan. They were following Grayden’s every move as he walked back to his house.
Security cam films brave kid trying to get away from 3 guys following him in car

“They said, ‘Hi’ and I started walking faster,” Grayden told FOX 13. “And they said, ‘Get in the backseat, we have some candy.’”

They attempted to entice Grayden into coming with them.

Grayden acted quickly. He knew that there was danger written all over the situation. So instead of engaging the men, he ran down the street in an attempt to get to their house.

The car didn’t let up and tried to follow where Grayden was headed. He quickly ran to their porch in hopes that he could finally escape the horrifying episode.

The car went past the house but stopped nearby.

In the chilling security footage, you can see Grayden glance and crane his neck to see what the men were up to.

They were parked a few feet away from the house, probably checking if someone was coming out to help the kid.

But when Grayden turned the knob, he realized that the door was locked.

The car’s rear lights lit up.

Grayden quickly ran to the side of the pathway where rocks littered their landscaped lawn. He screamed “Mom! Mom! Get away! Get away!” before threatening to hurl rocks at the suspicious car.

When the opportunity showed itself, Grayden made a run for the neighbor’s house. Fortunately, the door was open. He barged in then locked the door behind himself.

He saw the car enter another neighbor’s driveway and waited there, seemingly watching the boy from afar.

When the crisis ended, the family was left scarred.

Press play on the video below to see the scary footage for yourself!

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