Man upsets neighbors when he paints his entire house bright pink

Emilio loves his "pink palace" - but many neighbors are infuriated over the paint job.
Many people repeatedly say that a man’s house is his castle—a place when one can do whatever they like; however they want, as long as it’s legal, of course.

What anyone does in their house is their business alone, whether it’s barbecuing in winter, setting up some lawn flamingos, or painting your entire house in a new color—despite the protests of neighbors.

In the Pflugerville neighborhood of Austin, Texas, a resident there decided to paint his entire house in a bright shade of pink.
Man upsets neighbors when he paints his entire house bright pink

Imagine going for a routine stroll through your neighborhood, and all the houses you see are shades of browns and greys before suddenly coming across a place painted entirely in pink—everything, the walls, the doors, the gutters, the roof, the color of Pepto-Bismol. Would it bother you?

Emilio Rodriguez bought the single-story home in November of 2018.

The wheelchair-bound man was paralyzed in an accident when he was four years old and suffered heart problems all his life. So, for him, pink is a color that has always brightened his day.

“Just my favorite color,” Rodriguez told CBS Austin, “I’ve got it tattooed on my body, on my neck.”

Emilio started painting at the back of his house; now, every inch, from the walls to the gutters, is the color of bubblegum. Or, in Emilio’s words, Pepto-Bismol.

Emilio also believes he should do his part to “keep Austin weird,” as many of the city’s residents say.

While Austin has gained a reputation for being more progressive than the rest of Texas, it seems that coloring one’s entire house pink is crossing the line to some of the neighbors.

“I love this house,” Emilio said to CBS, “I don’t know why people don’t like it; a lot love it.”

The Austin resident also planned on painting his driveway and wheelchair pink.

Before acting on his dream, Emilio made sure to do his homework and make sure what he was about to do was perfectly legal.

The homeowner made sure that the house wasn’t under any home owner’s association. He told FOX 7:

“Even if they made an HOA right here, I’m already grandfathered in, so we’re set. I did my homework beforehand.”

Check out the very pink house for yourself in the video below!

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