Survivors Of 9/11 Recount Exactly What The Attacks Were Like: 'I Can Still See Those Faces'

Both the men were stuck in Tower 2.
It's hard to believe that 9/11 happened nearly 20 years ago. For many of us, the day is still quite fresh in our heads. And for those who happened to be in New York when it occurred, it's still a tragic memory that can easily lead them to tears.

Richard and Corey both lived in Northern California at the time but found themselves at the World Trade Center for different reasons. For Corey, he was in the midst of going through a work training. The training was meant to last two weeks. By September 11, he was only two days in.

A lot of the memories these men share surround the experience in itself. For Richard, he remembers the terrible noise of bodies hitting the ground. It's something that still makes him tear up today.
As they were escaping Tower 2, they learned that payphones were unavailable. They were among the many who were trying to reach loved ones back at home.

Corey borrowed a phone from a stranger to send a message to his family, saying, "Hey it's me, I'm okay, I'm out." Richard witnessed the fall of the first tower, but he says he has no recollection of how he got home. It's all a blur.

While both men admit they're incredibly lucky, knowing they survived that terrifying day is still something that weighs heavily on them.

"I can still see those faces," Richard said. Yet still, no matter how traumatic the memories are, they think it's important for children today to know what happened 20 years ago and how it changed America.

Watch the video to hear more of their stories.