Dad Confronts Rude Woman As She Inappropriately Parks In A School's Disabled Spot

When confronted, the anonymous woman shouts expletives with students nearby
Sometimes, being caught in the act is funny... and sometimes it's heartwarming. But this time? Not so much...

In September of 2014, YouTube user Joshua Coleman kept the cameras rolling after he caught a woman parking in a disabled spot without the appropriate placard. It all went down at the Sargent Elementary School in Roseville, California, and let's just say: it ain't pretty.

Joshua is the parent who needed and deserved this parking space; his son is disabled and is in a wheelchair.

Though there is some discrepancy about whether or not the woman is actually parked (and whether or not that actually matters), millions of viewers think what she does is both illegal and immoral.

The StarTribune reports: "To legally use a handicapped parking spot, a motorist must have a state-issued placard, a permit valid for 30 days, or disability plates with attached emblems on both the front and rear of the vehicle. A placard or an equivalent certificate, insignia, or plate issued by another state, a foreign country, or one of its political subdivisions also is acceptable."

When confronted, the anonymous woman shouts expletives with students nearby and gets into a heated confrontation with other parents and the principal. She even throws around the line, "Do you know who I am?"

Joshua says he has no idea why the woman reacted this way.

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Note: This video contains some graphic language.