11 year old George Harliono plays Moonlight Sonata (3rd mov) on a Street Piano in the rain.

Ever since the existence of public pianos in places around the world, people have seen various talented performers who sat on its chairs, took a breath, a displayed their amazing skills.
This was one of the goals of the “Play Me, I’m Yours” project.

Luke Jerram, a British multi-talented artist, traveled around the world and started the worldwide trend of installing pianos in public places.
There are pianos in malls, parks, streets and train stations. Over 2000 street pianos have been installed around the globe, and local artists took the initiative in decorating the piano themselves.
11 year old George Harliono plays Moonlight Sonata (3rd mov) on a Street Piano in the rain.

Jerram invites people to play the piano with a simple instruction: “Play Me, I’m Yours.”
Therefore, even if you are a beginner who is still on the verge of learning the instrument or a world-class pianist, everyone is encouraged to take a seat at the public piano. It is a great place to display your art and connect with other people.

Extraordinary talents from all over the world participated in the project, but this 11-year old kid had the guts to try it for himself.

It was a normal day at a park in Soho, London.
There are teenagers playing ping pong, passersby casually taking a walk and even adults chatting while leaning on the public piano. An 11-year old kid, George Harliono, approached the men and asked if he could play. The men were kind enough to spare some space for the kid.

Harliono took his seat and braced himself as he was about to perform in front of the crowd.
The first classical piece he played was Mikhail Glinka and Mili Balakirev’s “The Lark.” The piece was both sad and beautiful and it was impressive that the young man was able to recreate that feeling as he played the piano. He gently caressed the piano keys with his fingers and had people bewildered with its melodious tune.

The kid continued playing while more people stopped to witness his performance.

He displayed the right musical dynamics and nailed the most difficult and fastest passages of the piece.
Despite his tiny fingers, Harliano hit every note and played the piece superbly.

The audience gave him a round of applause, but the show was far from over as Harliono played another tune for his growing crowd.

The kid decided to play Beethoven’s infamous “Moonlight Sonata (Movement 3).” As he started playing the intro, he already blew everyone’s mind. Even the teenagers playing in the background stopped to watch him.

The video was uploaded online and has since racked up 7.4 million views on YouTube.
Eventually, the 11-year old kid who played on the park became an 18-year-old piano virtuoso who brought his extraordinary piano skills to bigger stages. He also uploads regularly on his YouTube channel, so be sure to drop by there and support him on his social media!

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